"Asasiya is so amazing!! She made me feel so comfortable during my prenatal visits and always had good advice for all my concerns. My labor and delivery was so intense but she made the atmosphere very calm and peaceful.  The total opposite of a hospital setting.  This was my first experience with a homebirth with a midwife and absolutely loved it.  I would recommend it to everyone I know.  It feels like you're being cared for by your family with lots of love and understanding."

-Jinette A. (photo'd right)


"Asasiya's gentle, peaceful presence was appreciated at the birth of our daughter.  She was efficiently working behind the scenes, assisting in making our birthing experience an amazing, smooth, and delightful experience.  Much thanks Asasiya!"

-Malaika R.


Having Asasiya a part of my birth experience was ideal.  She was extremely present during the birth, while keeping her presence subtle.  She kept the focus on me and was available in what ever capacity that I needed her to be.  Asasiya was consistent in care prior to and during birth. She was easy to communicate with and always asserted advice with gentle guidance.

-Takeya T.  


"My experience with Asasiya as my midwife was incredibly gratifying.  Her work ethic and stamina showed great vitality and the environment allowed me to feel comfortably in control of the labor.  Her work will forever be appreciated."

-Sophia M. (photo'd right)


I am thankful for the prenatal care and assistance that I received with Asasiya.  She puts the babies and moms first and her focus on healthy outcomes is refreshing.  I loved her flexibility and holistic approach to my care.

-Talmeedah G


My experience with Asasiya was amazing.  She is knowledgeable, caring, and always there when needed most.  I learned many things from her but the most prevalent, was the belief in my own power.

-Jessica R. (photo'd left)