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Please read our informed consent document prior to completing intake. The purpose of this intake is to make the most of our 1 hour consultation. Please share freely and honestly- as it is all used towards ensuring you have the best experience.  Private consultations are scheduled on Wednesdays from 11am-3pm. Group consultations are held on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month from 1pm-3pm. Both sessions are free of charge. While group sessions will host multiple families, you have the added benefit of gathering information that you may not have considered. We will allot time at the end for families to ask questions privately, as well. In either case, we encourage you to have your questions prepared ahead of time.  Initial consultations are free, but we will charge a $35 rescheduling fee if you cancel or need to reschedule without at least 24 hours notice.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you!

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