Choose a plan that works for you!

We never want cost to interfere with your ability to have the care you desire. The current rate for Global Maternity Care in our region is approximately ranges from $5,000- $6,500 with most clients opting to pay on a flexible payment arrangement. This rate may change based on additional services such as bundled doula care, fitness consultations, and postpartum care beyond what is included. It may also be adjusted for financial hardships, medicaid eligibility, family size, and military status. While we are unable to accept insurance as a form of payment for our services, we encourage you to schedule a consultation to determine the best financing plan for your family. All options are customizable; include our full-spectrum maternity care and will vary based on your needs and when care is established. For your health and convenience, we recommend that you establish care with us by your 12th week of pregnancy!