Meet the Team


Asasiya is the owner of and licensed midwife at Inner Circle Midwifery.  Her philosophy is centered around the idea that midwifery care is best administered by considering a woman's whole state of being and providing resources to enhance her mental, physical, and emotional wellness.  The goal of her practice is to improve the quality of the childbirth experience by facilitating women's access to the care they deserve. 

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Aishia is a traditional midwife of 13years, mother of 9 beautiful children. She has been serving her women in the birthing community for almost two decades. She is dedicated to helping women and families through the process of pregnancy and birth. "All I wanna do is catch babies", she exclaims with a deep love and passion for midwifery, birth and everything that it entails. In addition to managing her own practice, Aishia is a second midwife with Inner Circle Midwifery.

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We are proud to have Alaina as an apprentice at Inner Circle Midwifery. She is a God Fearing, Family Oriented Woman Who Loves Life. She now for over 2 decades has been enriching the lives of those she's come across through her Doula practice; Ahavah Doula Services.  You will get to meet her at the office and enjoy her warm spirit, her big smile, kind heart, and engaging personality! She has found her passion in Childbirth education and is now transitioning to become a Home-Birth Midwife. 

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In addition to being one of our labor and birth assistants, Iman has over 20 years of experience as a doula, reiki practitioner, and massage therapist. Many of our clients have benefitted from her gentle touch and immense wisdom through the course of their pregnancy, labor, and well into the postpartum period. She is revered as an elder in our birth community for her ongoing commitment to helping moms welcome babies in a state of peace, serenity, and empowerment.