"Therefore God dealt well with the midwives: and the people multiplied, and waxed very mighty." Exodus 1:20


Welcome! I'm Asasiya--I am a mother, midwife, and an advocate of conscious birthing. It is an honor to share my services with the community and to assist you on your birthing journey. While many of us understand birth as a physical experience, I also promote the awareness of birth as a spiritual and emotional journey to personal transformation.  Each woman has unique needs that require special attention that are not often met in a standard medical model of care.  As a midwife, my job is to provide a space for you to deepen your awareness of the birthing process, and offer the information you need to make empowered choices.

Each person also has a unique experience that is shaped by their environment and the greater society.  Therefore, my approach to midwifery care is guided, not only by my expertise, but also by the values that inform your decision making. I am especially concerned with how social factors shape a person and how to best use my awareness to offer the most appropriate model of care.

- Asasiya



The People's Midwife Model of Care emerged from a need to have a culturally responsive means to address the maternal infant health crisis in Black America.  We hold that the mainstream midwifery models do not adequately address the unique concerns of women of African descent.  We honor the history of our own ancestral midwives and in their spirit offer a new paradigm that addresses the contemporary concerns of our families.  We value the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and economic empowerment of women, recognizing that they are central to her ability to make truly informed choices.  We commit ourselves to the social role of midwives as intermediaries between every woman and family’s access to the community resources that are vital to long-term holistic health and wellness.


A Radical Approach

A radical approach to women’s health calls upon us to advocate and work for a complete change to how we think about wellness. It mandates the formation of institutions that effectively address the dynamic nature of women’s health-- including but not limited to access, thoroughness and quality. Rather than treating the symptoms to the issues that affect us, we seek to address our issues from the root.


Inner Circle Midwifery

Inner Circle Midwifery is a homebirth midwifery practice serving the women and families of Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey. The Inner Circle team includes myself, our trained assistants and lovely apprentices. Using The People’s Midwives Model of care, we offer comprehensive prenatal care, homebirth/waterbirth, and postpartum care.


the people's Education Center

Much of the work required to birth a healthy baby starts prior to conception.  All young women and those of childbearing age need access to resources that will optimize their overall health. We recently partnered with The People's Education Center to provide a space where the community can gain greater access to information and programming that will cater to  a lifelong journey of personal empowerment.





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